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What is vaulting?
Vaulting is one of the worlds oldest equestrian sport. Cave paintings as old as 1000 BC depict humans performing gymnastic moves on the top of moving horses. This is a team sport in which vaulters, lounger, and horse work together to create moving art. The sport combines gymnastics, dance, and a love of horses in a way that no other activity could.

At EVX we start our vaulters from the ground up. We begin on the barrel, teaching students the proper techniques to succeed as vaulters. As students gain confidence they begin to create personalized routines that allow us to see their personalities through rhythmic motion. This is not only a sport in which we grow physically but also emotionally.  Vaulters learn creativity, strength, confidence, teamwork, and passion. When students are ready they can begin competing in barrel and horse classes.


Who can do it?
Children can begin their journey in equestrian vaulting as young as 3 years old. The sport is not limited to children, vaulters range from 3 to 60 years of age!

Is it Safe?
YES! Despite the fact that vaulting involves strategic movement on the back of a moving horse, it IS incredibly safe.Vaulters learn safety techniques starting on the barrel that prevent accidents on horseback. Safety spotters are a must for all vaulters when training and trying new moves both on the barrel and on the horse. Loose clothing is not permitted in order to prevent vaulters from getting caught up in equipment. Please note that helmets are not ideal in this sport as they can also get caught up in equipment.

Lessons are held twice a week every week. Scheduling is made convenietly for all team members to be able to attend in one lesson together. Lessons are 90 minutes long. The current schedule is running on Tues and Thurs. We do hold some Saturday lessons that are 2 hours long.  

What do I need?
To begin all you need is comfortable stretchy pants, a close fitting t-shirt, and flexible tennis shoes. For serious vaulters special vaulting shoes can be ordered through me and a competitive liatard may also be purchased (red, black & blue seen above).

*Please print and fill out and bring these forms on your first lesson*

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Lesson package is $160 for 8+ lessons per month.
Individuals lessons are $35.
3 hour Introductory Class- $60 per person


we are located in the city of Paramount, CA.
In Tanzanite Equestrian Centre
See Contact Us for details
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